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Just like ants in their colony, the mania never stops in Ant Bubble Shooter. Terror has struck your home as an anteater is descending on you and your fellow ants and digs deep into the colony sucking up ants the whole way down. As a worker ant you've been pushed down to the deepest parts of your home it is your job to dig deeper.

If you aim isn't true and you miss too many shots the anteater terrorizing your colony may succeed and destroy you all. Shoot your bubble into groups of three or more of the same color to help clear the path. If you're feeling risky shoot higher and see if you can send a whole group of bubbles falling down in a chain reaction of popping.

Plan your strategy by tapping the anthill to change which color bubble you have.

Pop your way through over 2600 levels in this awesome free mobile game. Choose the way you play with the classic mode where you play through each level or the new twist of arcade mode where you stop a never-ending stream of bubble flowing downward trying to fill the hive up and destroy the ants forever.

Remember to sign in with Google Play to get the full Ant Bubble Shooter experience with leader-board to top and achievements to unlock. If you want a fun free game then hop into the world of Ant Bubble Shooter.

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